Who we are.

Nestled in between one man armies and the almighty production giants, Sequence Five is a small video production company based in Vienna. For over 10 years, we‘ve been creating high-quality video content to engage, delight and inspire. Our goal has always been the same:

"Create videos that people actually like."


Ben was 19 years old when he and Jakob started this company. It's pretty much the only real job he ever had. With a cheeky ten years spent working in media, he puts the pro in production - that and he's one of those weird people who actually studied film at university.


Jakob’s path to video production was anything but traditional. While finishing his doctoral thesis in business economics he discovered that he wants to work in the creative industry. A couple of weeks later he partnered up with the guy on top of this page and they jumpstarted into video production.

We write, we shoot, we edit

Sequence Five was built to tell compelling stories. To us that means doing so much more than just filming and editing. Over the years we‘ve developed our own approach, which provides a structured way to create great videos.


Every project starts by asking the right questions. We get to know your brand, the audience and determine the main objective of the video. Budget and timeframe are defined, so that everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect.


We start digging into the creative details and story, contributing our own ideas. From there we get everything ready from production schedules, to props, permits to cast and crew.


This is where the ideas come to life. We shoot with state of the art equipment to ensure the highest production quality possible. Following our detailed production schedule and shotlists, we make sure everything runs smoothly.


From editing to the finishing touches with mixing, sound design, and color correction - post-production is where it all comes together.


We are well-aware that in this time of social media, it's often not enough to produce one video. Brands need content to stay in touch with their customers. That's why we offer social media packages consisting of multiple videos and stills.

In short: we do everything you’d expect from a video agency, we have just erased the lines between the creative and production departments. Let’s get back to the purity of a small group of humans who create engaging videos.