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We started Sequence Five after we realized there was a need in the industry to bring more personality and enjoyment to the process of filmmaking. When we made the decision to build this business, Jakob was writing his doctoral thesis and Ben had started studying architecture.

Everyone thought we were crazy to start our own business as filmmakers! Honestly, the idea of building relationships and using our creativity in filmmaking just sounded more fun! We love the freedom to travel and now have more time to explore, which is amazing. Besides, we wouldn’t have met you if we stayed in our other jobs!

Our Philosophy
We believe you don’t have to be boring to be a professional.
We don’t take ourselves too seriously.
We think it’s important to build relationships first in order to produce our best work.
Take a look at one of our business films:

"We're passionate about working with businesses who have something to say. Let's work together to tell your story through film!"